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About Us

OUS Online Language School in Zürich - Switzerland 

Language Certificate in 30 DAYS & 100% ONLINE

Sprachzertifikat in 30 TAGEN & 100% ONLINE

Certificat de Langues en 30 JOURS & 100% ONLINE

Many of the readers will be thinking that why they should select OUS School of Languages for certifying their skills related with English, German, Italian and French languages when there is an abundance of similar platforms on internet and other available mediums. This is perfectly a valid question and should arise in the mind of every individual who has spent a lot of time in learning a foreign language and now is looking for an authentic medium for getting the certification. No doubt, there are many online language schools that offer similar facilities, but an important point to mention is that not every language school is successful in delivering quality and also the certifications of every language school are not accepted internationally. You need to understand that it is not at all about passing the exam and getting certificate from the first language school that comes across your way. Your skills will only be considered valid, when they will be verified by a registered and noted language School that possesses a comprehensive and up to date testing procedure.

OUS School of Languages is an institution, which shows compatibility with the above mentioned criteria and hence can be considered as an ideal medium for verifying your skills related with German, French, English and Italian Languages. We follow a detailed approach, which is all about providing the right kinds of facilities to those who register with our Platform. The OUS School of Languages is an registered School in Switzerland and is proud to mention that a very intelligent and dedicated group of professionals is associated with this platform. If you are successful in passing our exam, then it is guaranteed that our provided certification is going to provide you a lot of advantage in the long run.

Did you know that Switzerland has four official languages, which include

  • French

  • Italian

  • German

In addition, English is a semi-official language in this part of the world. This provides a great advantage to our students because they will get the verification of their language skills from a native speaking county`s institution. This will surely provide more value to your earned certification because it surely is better than for example earning a German language certificate from England, or a French language certificate from Australia. This means that it is a great opportunity to avail language certification from a native country of language itself.

OUS School of Languages provides the opportunity of doing the exam anytime. This means that whenever you feel that you are ready you can take the exam. Getting registered and fulfilling all requirements is very easy and our experts are also available for guiding students.

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