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Language School

Our Methodology

A Bit About How it Works...

Every organization follows a defined methodology because without proper planning no organization can run. There is a need for a strategy and its implementation especially when it is an educational institution the level of responsibility doubles because educational schools are required to design and follow their policies very strictly. At the same time, it is important that the adopted method should be good enough to show compatibility with current trends because one mistake can bring many negative outcomes for the students associated with that organization.

OUS School of Languages follows a well-defined policy that is very clear and easily understandable. Our language assessment system has been designed keeping in consideration all the modern requirements. All important aspects related to English, German, French and Italian languages are covered here and special consideration is given to the fact that no important point is being missed because we understand the importance of the issues with, which we are dealing. Students who want to connect with our medium must be interested to know about our methods and followed approaches and in this section, we are going to focus on the same issue.

First of all, it is important to make it very clear here that the OUS School of Languages is not concerned with teaching students. This means that in this language school students are not offered any kind of teaching programs. You can study in any accredited teaching institution in your country for establishing a basic understanding of the language of your choice and after that when you feel that you are completely prepared and want to certify your obtained knowledge you can come to us. We will provide you with a valid and authentic platform from where you can certify your skills properly. OUS School of Languages offers you an exam, which consists of two parts, which are mentioned below


1. The written part of the exam

2. The Oral part of the exam

In this part of our exam students are required to pass a written test. There will be multiple-choice questions and every question will carry an equal mask. The purpose of this part of the exam is to carefully evaluate the basic concepts of exam givers. Questions related to grammar and sentence formation will be given to judge that either the exam giver has established a deep understanding of the main concepts or only has developed a superficial concept. Our panels of experts design the exam paper and give consideration to all the important aspects and try their best that no important point should be missed. The exam will be available online and students can take it anytime.

Language learning is not all about establishing the basic concepts you have to implement them practically as well because otherwise there is no use in learning any language. The oral test of the OUS School of Languages focuses upon the same approach. Every student has to give a 10-30 minutes oral test, which will be conducted by our language teacher via Skype. Students must have a camera to show the teacher that the person who is doing the exam is the same individual who is going to get the certificate for avoiding any kind of issues.

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