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  • English Certificate from Switzerland is an ideal certification
    Within the past ten years online education and concepts that are related with it have been successful in gaining a lot of popularity. You will agree that internet education is facing a tremendous growth and there are millions of students living in different parts of this world who are involved in different online courses. Especially, for adult students who have the responsibility of supporting their families find it a very decent way of continuing their education and job at the same time thanks to the flexibility offered by these courses. However, still there are many questions which trouble the minds of people especially those who want to turn towards online modes of learning. If you are also thinking about joining an online language school, then surely there will be many questions arising in your mind and in this section we will try to answer of the most commonly asked questions about online education.
  • Do you issue an official certificate?
    Yes. we are officially registered in Switzerland and International students may request from our Admission office that their certificate be stamped by a Swiss notary.
  • Why students are so much interested in online teaching systems?
    Students prefer this mode of obtaining education because it is flexible and easy to adopt. You can study and obtain the degree by sitting within the confinements of your home and this is a big advantage. Another, reason is that online education comparatively costs less and in these tough economic conditions students find it a healthy alternative and they can also continue their jobs at the same time.
  • Who is offering language courses?
    There are online colleges and universities belonging to different parts of this world that are offering these kinds of courses. Many noted universities like Yale are also offering online courses related with different subjects. OUS School of Languages is also an online institution, which is all concerned with providing certification exams related with four popular languages that are German, Italian, French and English. In short, different types of educational systems are taking benefit from the popularity of online education.
  • How traditional colleges are adapting this approach?
    Conventional teaching institutions have made “web facilitated” syllabuses, which provide students the facility of obtaining education on internet. You can join online classrooms where direct interaction with teachers can also take place using the communication tools provided by internet. For example in the oral exam of OUS School of Languages the teacher gets connected with students by means of Skype.
  • What is the future of online education?
    The future of online education is very bright because more and more individuals are turning towards this concept. In the year 2020 almost 63 % colleges gave statements in, which they agreed that online courses are very important for future. Online institutions are working very hard and showing a great degree of improvement.
  • How many students are associated with different types of online courses?
    Collected data suggests that internet based learning institutions get good enrollment of 20 % every year. This means that every year one million students get associated with different online educational courses. In the end, it can be stated with confidence that online education is here to stay and the trend is not going to face any downfall soon.
  • Why an English Certificate from OUS Switzerland is recommended?
    OUS Switzerland is offering several of the best English Language Teaching programs in Europe, there are three general types of certificates issued: The B1 English certificate is commonly needed for the most jobs that have English requirements; it proves to the employers that that the applicants have the right communication skills. The B2 English certificate is mostly required for the already employed personal. When the employers require this type of document they are aiming to increase the English language knowledge of their employees. The C1 English certificates are mainly needed by most universities to approve the English abilities of the new coming students.
  • Where these certificates could be obtained in Switzerland?
    There are many colleges and universities in Switzerland that teach their students for the three common English certificates. The best thing to do is to avail the C1 certificates in or right after high school so the student can enter in high graded universities more easily.
  • Which are the best institutes that teach English in Europe?
    The Switzerland’s English universities and institutes are popular in Europe, because of their strict demanding of English education from new student. Also they are certifying their students with internationally approved documents verifying their knowledge base in the English and other specializations.
  • What is the advantage of such English Certificates?
    The Switzerland students who have acquired one or more English Certificates can apply for the most highly respected jobs that require high graded English certification. Not only in Switzerland or Europe but all over the world the B1, B2 and C1 Certificates will open the gates for young or old students and professionals who want better achievements in their profession.
  • What are the benefits from the English specialization certificates?
    For applying for the most jobs that require English language professionals must study for the highly respected B1 and B2 English certification grades which are proving that the applicant has the needed English communication skills. In relation to qualifying for the most English language relating professions the worker has to possess the B2 certificate that proves a higher English knowledge base than the commonly required B1 certificate. You need to impress the employer and for this above mentioned certifications play a significant role.
  • Requirements for applying in an English language teaching schools
    Most institutes and universities that are teaching English specialization require the C1 English certificate from applicants that is proving that they have the basic skills needed to apply in such school. In Switzerland there are many institutes which are highly specialized in English teaching, also they offer lectures and classes for the whole companies with their employees which can apply directly for the certification exams if they feel that they can take them with success.
  • The English Certificates from OUS Switzerland approved worldwide
    The students who are willing to study for the B1, B2 and C1 English certificates, can find a job in Europe, USA, South Africaand even Australia, and at all other places that are demanding a high quality English graduation from their employed personal. The English certificates obtained from the Switzerland’s colleges and universities are usually approved as ones of the best qualifications in English language specialization in the world’s labor market and student educations!
  • What are the uses of an English Certificate obtained by OUS Switzerland?
    The education at OUS Switzerland is accepted internationally as one of the leading online educations, a person can receive in Europe. With their numerous high specialized universities and schools providing quality education in many areas, the English education is one of the Switzerland’s most popular teaching programs. A great number of companies and institutions require the famous English Certificates when interviewing new employers for the jobs that need the English language for their type of labor.
  • Are there any specific requirements for taking an English Certificate?
    There aren’t any age limits for taking English classes, as well like the students the already graduated personal can attend to take lectures and exams for the most types of English Certificates. The only type of English certification required from the English universities, is the C1 certificate if a student must have to enter the higher grades of language education.
  • What are the most common types of English Certificates?
    The mostly required for job approval types of certification are the B1 and the B2 certificates. The first one is necessary for the most people who search to work for an international company and abroad. The second commonly required by companies who want to improve their personal’s English skills, for this certificate the employees can go on private or public English classes to educate themselves for the B2 exams. There is one more often used certificate is the C1 that is demanded by the English universities to their new students so the C1 English certificate will serve like evidence that shows the English language graduation of their students.
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